U.K Manufacturers and suppliers of products for printed circuit board production, front panels, signs, labels and sublimation products.

Mega Electronics, have been one of the leading European manufacturing company of production equipment for prototype or low volume production quantities of printed circuit boards, front panels, labels and signs.

Mega manufactured PCB production equipment, such as Bubble Etch Tanks and UV Exposure units, since 1977.

Key customer groups are engineers producing prototypes, those teaching electronics, industrial customers for labelling and front panel systems, sign makers and engravers.

Key products include: PCB Tank systems; Through Hole Plating Lines; CNC Production Systems; PCB Laminates and Chemistry; Shears; UV Exposure Units; UV Systems for detecting forged bank notes; Quick-Mark, Quick-Laser and Gedakop panel systems and the Quikmask glass etching system.

To accompany the in-house manufactured items the company distributed a comprehensive range of consumables specifically selected for the engineer and educationalist.

As well as being able to supply everything required for the design and production of PCBs, there were also three systems available for the production of front panels or signs and a system for metal etching of panels.

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Artwork Transfers and Pens
Artwork Films
Light Boxes
Plotting Systems
PCB Laminates
Dry Film Laminators
UV Exposure Units
Laboratory Ovens
PCB Drilling Machines
Carbide Drill Bits
Carbide Router Bits
CNC / Drilling and Routing - CCD Machines
Screen Printing
Safety Products
Sundries and Accessories
PCB Isolation / Contour Milling
Green Coat Solder Lacquer
PCB Chemicals
Seno Applicators
Liquid Concentrate Developer
Universal Developer
Dry Film Photoresist Developer
Etch-in-the-bag Kit
Ferric Chloride Liquid Etchant
Fine Etch Crystals
Ferric Nitrate Etchant
Photoresist Stripper
Immerse Tin Plating
Ferric Chloride Stain Remover
Scrub Block
Scouring Pads
Universal Solvent
Microtrak PCB Developer
Microtrak Resist Stripper
Acid Cleaner for Metal Etching
Dry Film Laminators
Brush Cleaning Machine
Dip Coating Machine
Processing Tanks (Bench Top)
PCB Kits - Entry Level
PCB Kits - Professional Level
PCB Labstation
Production Lines
Spray Etching Machines
Conveyorised Spray Processing Machines
Conveyorised Board Dryer, 2000 AIR
Through Hole Plating Lines / Kits
Favorit Through Hole Rivets
Multilayer Press
Fume Extraction
Ionex Water Treatment
Tinning and Drying
Producing a PCB
PCB Production Video
Metal Etching Kit
UV Exposure Units
Screen Printing
Stainless Steel Sealing Tanks
FAPC Conveyorised Etchers
Light Boxes
Laboratory Ovens
Ionex Water Treatment
Fume Extraction
Fabrication Manufacturing Service
A4 Starter Kits
A3 Starter Kits
Spray processing TanksFAPC Processors
Conveyorised processing modules
Jet 34
Static spray processors
High resolution vertical etcher
Metal Etching Kits
PCB Prototyping Software